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It’s not complicated!  You will look after a network of self service vending boxes, placed prominently in commercial and leisure premises, selling high quality sweets and snacks.  The boxes are left at ‘Host Sites’ without commitment, so your customers are delighted to have them, and you visit each site at regular intervals to restock and to collect the cash – raising money for your business and for our partner charities.


Cause-Related Marketing, bringing together business and charity, is rapidly growing in the UK.  The reason is that CRM is good for business - and great for charities, which benefit financially and from increased brand recognition.


Our customers come in all shapes and sizes; any business in your area is a potential customer, whether they have 2 or 500 staff, plus all their customers and visitors.  The businesses enjoy the service we offer them, and really appreciate the value for our partner charities.  Our Host Sites include Police, Fire and Ambulance Stations, shops large and small, offices, clubs, medical centres and pharmacies, industrial units, hotels and many others.


You can benefit from the relationship that Sweet Appeal has with one of the UK’s best loved brands, knowing that the efforts you make to provide a secure living for yourself also benefit some fantastic charitable causes.


It all adds up to a viable and rewarding business opportunity, that genuinely delivers mutual benefit for everybody involved.

Why work for anyone else?

Succeed with your own business!

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